Semi Frameless Showers

Semi Frameless Showers

Customise the details of your shower and create a space that offers far more than your average bathroom!

Glass shower doors and walls have the ability to completely open up your bathroom and create the illusion of space in smaller areas. A semi frameless shower is an effortless addition to your bathroom, and will create a modern, luxury look.

A semi frameless shower will not only enhance your bathroom’s appearance, but it will provide a structurally strong foundation, and prevent any water leakage. The continuous, clear frame is made with toughened glass, compliant with Australian standards. There’s no need to compromise quality for style!

Choose from a range of shower enclosures in various sizes, or if your space permits, opt for a wall to wall frameless shower. This style of shower offers great versatility, and can be altered to suit many installations.



Our selection of glass shower doors pivot on a pre-assembled door panel, and are partnered with a magnetic closing strip for an easy open/close system. The frame is constructed with silver aluminium, for the ultimate, sleek appearance.

If you are working with a small bathroom, creating visual space is vital! We recommend installing semi frameless shower screens to create a more open feel. The shower is often the focal point of a small bathroom, and the beauty of frameless shower screens will ensure it’s eye-catching for all the right reasons. Best of all, the frames are incredibly easy to clean and maintain! Your shower will be sparkling for years to come.

We make customising your shower easy, and our wide range of sizing options will fit seamlessly in most installations. Assess the dimensions of your bathroom, and contact our professional team to find out which option and what dimensions will work best for you. 

Construct your shower with an affordable solution that offers superior strength and unparalleled elegance.