Budget Bathroom Makeovers - Tips & Ideas

Author: Bathrooms On A Budget   Date Posted:13 November 2017 

How to Make your Bathroom Last Another Five Years

Whether your bathroom is old, out-of-date, or simply in need of some TLC, don’t be fooled into thinking a pricey renovation is the only saving grace.

If an entire bathroom renovation isn’t in your ball park right now, why not opt for some affordable bathroom updates that’ll give it a new lease on life. Give your bathroom a modern feel with thrifty upgrades, affordable new features, and fresh colours.


Switch up the fixtures

Sinks and vanities are often still in excellent shape after years of use, however it can be a different story for leaky tapware. Update your fixtures with mixers or modern tapware and replace flaky floor and sink wastes. It’s a small price to pay for heightened performance and appearance.


Play with colour

Depending on the era your bathroom was built in, you could be working with a retro colour scheme, some wacky wall tiles, or perhaps everywhere you look is white. If your aim is to neutralise vintage tiles, try contrasting them with a dark coloured wallpaper. Experiment with textures, try adding a fresh coat of paint, or transform a white bathroom with two-tone walls to give it a cosy, modern feel.



It’s possibly the easiest, most affordable, and impermanent way to transform your bathroom’s character. Spend as little or as much as you like on artwork, lighting fixtures, mirrors, decorative pieces and storage containers. Increasing storage will minimise clutter, and your choice of container, box or basket can enhance your bathroom’s appearance. If you’re looking to add a few extra features, consider floating shelves, towel rails, or hooks to maximise space.

Accessories can make all the difference to a budget bathroom makeover! Something as simple as framing your mirror with a vintage or contemporary frame can establish a new and improved focal point in your bathroom. 


Add functionality

If your bathroom is a more practical place to be in, the chances are you’ll change your attitude towards its overall appearance. Try switching out an old showerhead with a modern style (like a rain style showerhead), to turn an average shower into a spa-like experience. Or, install a handheld showerhead to give your bathroom an updated feel, and to make chores, like cleaning the shower, far easier! There are many affordable options that still offer luxury.


The cost to update your bathroom doesn’t have to be astronomical! Simple bathroom makeovers are the key to being content, and elevating functionality in your home.

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